720 XTF Search Results (subject=Cleveland (Ohio) -- Photographs.;subject-join=exact;smode=simple;brand=default;f1-subject=Bole, Hamilton Biggar, 1889-1953);subject-join%3Dexact;smode%3Dsimple;brand%3Ddefault;f1-subject%3DBole,%20Hamilton%20Biggar,%201889-1953 Results for your query: subject=Cleveland (Ohio) -- Photographs.;subject-join=exact;smode=simple;brand=default;f1-subject=Bole, Hamilton Biggar, 1889-1953 Tue, 28 Jul 2020 12:00:00 GMT Bole Family Photographs. Bole Family The Bole Family traces its ancestry to Robert Bole (1818-1891) and Euphemia Bole (Kirkpatrick, birth and death dates unknown). They had five children: Joseph Kirkpatrick (1848-1894), John Clark, Mary (Mame), Allen, and Robert. The donors of the collection are descendents of Joseph Kirkpatrick Bole and Melinda Eliza Bole (Patterson, 1850-1918). Joseph and Melinda had seven children. The majority of the material is related to their second son, Joseph "Joe" Kirkpatrick Bole (1876-1952), and his wife's, Winifred Ely Bole (Ely, 1881-1976), line of descendents. Joe Bole attended Cornell University and was an avid golfer and fisherman. The collection consists of candid photos, professional portraits, and wedding photos. The collection contains 506 photos with three in color and 503 in black and white. The media types included in the photo group are albumens, cabinet cards, glass negatives, negatives, postcards, and tintypes. Wed, 01 Jan 2014 12:00:00 GMT