Harry Church Oberholser Papers 1864-1963 undated

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1 1 Biographical sketches submitted to various publications and an autobiography 1909-1963
1 2-5 Correspondence 1888-1959 undated
1 6 Examinations and grades for Oberholser's classes 1905-1910
1 7 Financial and legal material 1908-1942
1 8 Newspaper clippings 1895-1955 undated
1 9 Library and bibliographical material, including a list of the library of Herbert W. Brandt, Sr., and a description of Oberholser's ornithological library 1948-ca. 1955
1 10 Scientific data and lists, including charts of migration data for five species of swallows, ca. 1917; description of Fuertes collection of birds, Cornell, ca. 1952; list of wildlife in the Big Thicket, eastern Texas, undated; and lists of waterfowl census observers, undated ca. 1917-1952 undated
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2 1 Notes for lectures, including a lecture of ornithology, 1897; "The Birds of Long Island," 1899; "A Naturalist in Nevada," 1899; "A Naturalist in the Catskills," 1901; "Bird Traits," undated; "Bird Friends," undated; and a partial list of Oberholser's slide collection, undated 1897-1919 undated
2 2 Drafts, proofs, and publications, "Descriptions of Two New Subspecies of the Downy Woodpecker, Dryobates pubescens (Linneaeus)," 1897; "The Birds of Liberia," 1898; "A Revision of the Wrens of the Genus Thryomanes Scalater, " 1897; "Piranga rubra not preoccupied," 1899; "A Review of the Larks of the Genus Otocoris," 1902; "Some New South American Birds," 1902; "Description of a New Weaver-bird," 1904; Description of Two New Birds from Somali Land," 1904; Notes on the Mammals and Summer Birds of Western North Carolina, 1905; and "The Gray Squirrel at Home," 1906 1897-1906
2 3 Drafts, proofs, and publications, "A Revision of the Forms of the Hairy Woodpecker (Dryobates villosus Linneaeus)," 1911; "A Revision of the Forms of the Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Dryobates scalaris Wagler)," 1911; "A Revision of the Subspecies of the Green Heron (Butorides virescens Linnaeus)," 1912; and "A Revision of the Forms of the Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias Linneaus)," 1912 1911-1912
2 4 Drafts, proofs, and publications, Review of The Birds of the Latin Poets by Ernest W. Martin, 1914; A Monograph of the Genus Chordeiles Swainson, Type of a New Family of Goatsuckers, 1914; "Diagnosis of a New Pycnonotine Family of Passeriformes," 1917; "A Remarkable Martin Roost in the City of Washington," 1917; and "The Migration of North American Birds. Five Swallows," 1917 1914-1917
2 5 Drafts, proofs, and publications, "Buteonidae versus Accipitridae," 1919; and Gazetter (List of Localities in Texas, San Antonio Gazette, 1919 1919
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3 1 Drafts, proofs, and publications, "The Nomenclature of Families and Sub-families in Zoology," 1920; "The Anatine Genus Nyroca and Its Nearest Allies," 1920; "Bird Banding as an Aid to the Study of Migration," 1923; A New Genus of African Starlings, 1930; and Notes on a Collection of Birds from Arizona and New Mexico, 1930 1920-1930
3 2-5 Drafts, proofs, and publications, Measurements of Birds by S. Prentiss Baldwin, Harry C. Oberholser, and Leonard G. Worley (drafts, bibliography, introductory matter, index, miscellany, and published book) 1931
3 6 "The Atlantic Coast Races of Thryospiza maritima (Wilson)," 1931; "The Birds of the Natuna Islands," 1932; "Descriptions of New Birds from Oregon, Chiefly from the Warner Valley Region," 1932 1931-1932
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4 1 Drafts, proofs, and publications, The Bird Life of Louisiana, 1938; Alaskan Bird Trails by Herbert W. Brandt (sketches by Oberholser), 1943 1938 1943
4 2 Birds of the White-Fuller Expedition to Kenya, East Africa 1945
4 3 Drafts, proofs, and publications, "Fort Huachuca Should Be a Wildlife Preserve," ca. 1947; and material from Arizona and Its Bird Life by Herbert W. Brandt, including parts of several chapters and a list of illustrations commissioned for the book, 1951 1947 1951
4 4 Drafts, proofs, and publications, "Buffalo Hunters," "The Redemption of Philip Corson," and "The Salvation of Old Pete" undated
4 5 Drafts, proofs, and publications, Birds of Texas, very early draft 1903?
4 6 Drafts, proofs, and publications, ornithological writings, including one which is a possible early draft of Bird Life in Texas undated
4 7 Drafts, galley proofs, and other publications by authors other than Oberholser 1882-1925 undated
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5 1-2 Drafts, galley proofs, and other publications by authors other than Oberholser 1930-1949
5 3 Miscellany, including Jacob Oberholser's discharge from the Ohio National Guard, 1864; and "Reply by Mr. Baldwin," concerning Baldwin's actions as a trustee of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 1929 1864-1953 undated