Detailed Description of The Collection

United States Army, 101st Ohio Infantry Regiment Records 1862-1865

Box Folder
1 1 Requisitions and estimates for clothing, camp and garrison equipage 1862-1865
1 2 Requisitions for forage, fuel, and stationery and estimates of Quartermaster stores required by various regiments 1862-1865
1 3 Issuance of forage, fuel, stationery, and stores 1862-1865
1 4 Lists of supplies received; supplies on hand; stores picked up in the field, captured from or by the enemy; and stores expended in the public service 1862-1865
1 5 Abstracts of supplies transferred, monthly reports of officers to whom public moneys or military supplies have been transferred, and lists of supplied returned 1862-1865
1 6 Lists of fuel allowances; abstracts of articles purchased or received; inventory and inspection report of unserviceable quartermaster stores; letters of transmittal of clothing and equipage sent to Major General M. C. Meigs from First Lieutenant O. J. Benham; orders from headquarters; and rolls of extra duty men 1862-1865