Biography of the Lawrence Connelly Family

Lawrence Connelly settled in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1852, having arrived from Newry, County Down, Ireland. He worked there as a linen merchant, and is believed to have owned property. He was later joined here by his wife, Ann (nee Connelly), and their children, Catherine, Ann, William, James, John, and Margaret. The family later purchased a farm in Cleveland in the vicinity of Ansel Road. Their son James Connelly served two terms on Cleveland City Council, 1885-1889, and was a successful public contractor and president of the Connelly Construction Company, one of the largest in the country at that time. A great-grandson, Thomas J. Connelly, became captain of the Bethlehem Steel vessel, Stewart J. Cort, the largest vessel in the Great Lakes at that time. He was also captain of the Edward Y. Townsend, the sister ship of the Daniel Morrell, which was sailing within twenty miles of the Townsend when it broke up and sank in Lake Huron in 1966.

Another descendant, Edward T. Butler III, was active in the leadership of the Catholic Charities and the Cleveland Bar Association. He was also a board member of St. Anthony's Home for Boys, and for over thirty years, a board member of the United Appeal Campaign.

Robert Sam Anson, also a descendant, authored McGovern, They've Killed the President, and Gone Crazy and Back, as well as four other books.