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Descriptive Summary
Biography of the Frederick C. Crawford Family
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Correspondence 1860-1989 undated
Sub-series A: Audrey Bowles Crawford 1936-1983
Sub-series B: Bowles Family Members 1954-1979
Sub-series C: Crawford Family Members 1860-1984 undated
Sub-series D: Frederick C. Crawford Personal Correspondence 1894-1989 undated
Series II: Daily Diaries 1945-1989
Series III: Financial 1920-1989 undated
Series IV: General Subject Files 1930-1990 undated
Series V: Historical TRW 1909-1988 undated
Sub-series A: Corporate Historical Materials 1909-1985 undated
Sub-series B: Corporate History Projects 1916-1988 undated
Series VI: Organizations 1925-1989 undated
Sub-series A: Non-Profit Organizations 1930-1989 undated
Sub-series B: Social Organizations 1925-1989
Series VII: Real Estate and Personal Property 1916-1993 undated
Sub-series A: Cat Cay 1941-1988
Sub-series B: Cotuit 1939-1990 undated
Sub-series C: Old Home Crawford Farm 1916-1993 undated
Sub-series D: Other Properties 1919-1975
Sub-series E: Agricultural and Domestic Employee Payroll and Taxes 1961-1988
Series VIII: Speeches, Speech Notes and Transcripts 1931-1991 undated
Sub-series A: Speeches and Speech Notes 1931-1991 undated
Sub-series B: Transcripts 1982-1991 undated
Series IX: Travels 1936-1989
Sub-series A: Itinerary Files 1985-1989
Sub-series B: Trips and Tours 1936-1985
Series X: Oversize Materials Described in Series I through Series IX dates vary
Series XI: Family Histories and Genealogies 1727-1996 undated
Sub-series A: Fred Erastus Crawford Papers 1727-1952 undated
Sub-series B: Crawford Family Genealogical Materials 1864-1996 undated
Sub-series C: Mattie Coolidge Crawford 1879-1933
Sub-series D: Coolidge Family Members 1820-1967 undated
Series XII: Correspondence 1913-1996 undated
Sub-series A: Early Letters 1913-1966 undated
Sub-series B: Subject Files 1937-1996 undated
Sub-series C: Crawford-Sturgis Rough Drafts 1991-1994
Sub-series D: Crawford-Glennan Letters 1960-1995 undated
Sub-series E: Crawford Family Materials 1934-1995 undated
Series XIII: Financial 1939-1995 undated
Series XIV: General Subject Files 1913-1994 undated
Series XV: Historical TRW 1920-1995 undated
Sub-series A: Biographical Materials 1939-1995 undated
Sub-series B: TRW History Materials 1920-1994 undated
Series XVI: Non-Profit Organizations Correspondence 1964-1996 undated
Series XVII: Real Estate and Personal Property 1905-1993 undated
Sub-series A: Cat Cay 1947-1993 undated
Sub-series B: Cotuit 1905-1988 undated
Sub-series C: Old Home Crawford Farm 1924-1993 undated
Sub-series D: Personal Property Insurance 1933-1989
Series XVIII: Writings and Transcripts 1903-1994
Sub-series A: Writings 1903-1994
Sub-series B: Transcripts ca. 1990-1991
Series XIX: Travels 1936-1995
Sub-series A: Trips and Tours 1936-1989
Sub-series B: Travel Diaries 1952-ca. 1991
Sub-series C: Itineraries and Social Engagements 1990-1995
Series XX: Albums 1942-1985 undated
Series XXI: Oversize Materials dates vary