Biography of the Bole Family

The Bole Family traces their ancestry to Robert Bole (1818-1891) and Euphemia Bole (Kirkpatrick, birth and death dates unknown). They had five children: Joseph Kirkpatrick (1848-1894), John Clark, Mary (Mame), Allen, and Robert. The donors of the collection are descendants of Joseph Kirkpatrick Bole and Melinda Eliza Bole (Patterson, 1850-1918). Joseph and Melinda had seven children. The majority of the material is related to their second son, Joseph "Joe" Kirkpatrick Bole (1876-1952), and his wife's, Winifred Ely Bole (Ely, 1881-1976), line of descendants. Joe Bole attended Cornell University and was an avid golfer and fisherman.

Roberta Bole (Holden, 1876-1950) was the daughter of Liberty Emery Holden, the owner and publisher of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Martha Gertrude Ely (1870-1906) married William Coleman Carnegie, the nephew of Andrew Carnegie, steel industrialist, businessman and founder of Pittsburgh's Carnegie Steel Company (later U.S. Steel).

The Ely family supposedly traces their heritage to 580 BCE and Theodoric the Hun, the Duke of the Bavarians in Hungary. He began a long line of dukes and counts in Bavaria. In 1100, King Henry I of England conferred on Helias de la Fleche, Count of Perigord, a land grant in Cambridge shire, which included the Isle of Ely. King Henry II appointed Richard de Elie Lord High Treasurer of England, the position he maintained until his death in 1199. Richard's youngest son, Nicholas (1200-1280) was the Archdeacon of Ely, Lord High Treasurer, Lord High Chancellor, Bishop of Worcester, and Bishop of Winchester. When he died his body was interred in the Church of Waverly Abbey in Surrey and his heart was deposited near the High Alter in his own Cathedral at Winchester.

Richard Ely (1625-1684) was born in Basingstoke, England and came to America approximately 1660. During England's Civil War (1640-1660), Admiral Phipps assigned Richard the task of taking Prince Charles II to a French boat, which took him to France for refuge. As a reward for Richard's bravery, Phipps allowed him to marry his daughter, Joanne. They had three sons and a daughter before Joanne died. During the Restoration when Parliament recalled the exiled Prince Charles II back to England to resume the throne, Charles II rewarded those who helped him escape. He asked Richard to go to the American colonies and subdue the Native Americans and foster trade with England. Richard accepted and was granted a merchant ship and a charter for land in the Massachusetts colony. Richard's youngest son, Richard, accompanied him to America and later he sent for his oldest son, William. The Elys settled in Boston and then later in Lyme, Connecticut. Richard Jr. was one of the original settlers of Hartford, Connecticut. Winifred Ely Bole's family is descendants of Richard Ely, Jr.

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