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Descriptive Summary
History of the E. P. Lambert Company
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Contract Files 1980-1997
Sub-series A: Agent Files by Contract 1987-1997
Sub-series B: Export Document Files 1980-1993
Sub-series C: Miscellaneous Contracts and Agreements 1988-1993
Series II: Company Files 1964-1998
Sub-series A: General E. P. Lambert Company Reports and Statistics 1964-1997
Sub-series B: Buyer Company Statistics and Sales Reports 1965-1998
Sub-series C: Office Files 1978-1995
Sub-series D: Legal Files 1984-1997
Series III: Correspondence 1961-1997
Sub-series A: Company Correspondence 1961-1997
Sub-series B: Donald M. Lambert Personal Correspondence 1974-1995
Series IV: Financial 1951-1998
Sub-series A: Accounts Receivable 1992-1994
Sub-series B: Audit and Inventory 1979-1993
Sub-series C: General Journal 1992-1997
Sub-series D: General Ledger 1992-1995
Sub-series E: Invoice Registers 1981-1997
Sub-series F: Income State 1988-1998
Sub-series G: Purchases 1995-1997
Sub-series H: Claims 1982-1997
Sub-series I: Subject Files 1951-1997
Series V: Rubber Reports 1985-1997
Sub-series A: Reports 1985-1994
Sub-series B: Product Capability and Performance Test 1991-1997
Sub-series C: Inspections 1995-1997
Sub-series D: Manuals and Guides 1986-1992
Sub-series E: Miscellaneous 1900-1996
Sub-series F: Quality Action Reports 1988-1996
Series VI: Professional Organizations and Associations 1971-1997
Sub-series A: Organizations 1971-1997
Sub-series B: Conferences 1994-1996
Sub-series C: Trips 1989 1993
Series VII: Rubber Products 1980-1996
Sub-series A: New Projects 1980-1996
Sub-series B: New Markets 1989-1995
Series VIII: Shipping 1988-1997 undated
Sub-series A: Warehouses 1988-1996
Sub-series B: Insurance 1988-1992
Sub-series C: Ports and Arrivals 1991-1997
Sub-series D: Steamer Sheets 1988-1992
Sub-series E: Miscellaneous undated