Biography of Martin R. Hoke

Martin R. Hoke (b. May 18, 1952) is an Ohio Republican who served in the United States House of Representatives for two consecutive terms from 1992-1996. Born in Lakewood, Ohio, Hoke graduated from Western Reserve Academy and attended Amherst College where he graduated in 1973. He went on to attend Case Western Reserve University School of Law where he earned a law degree in 1980. He practiced law in Cleveland, Ohio, and became the founder of a cellular telephone company.

Martin Hoke won congressional office in Ohio's 10th District in 1992 by defeating the incumbent of 16 years, Mary Rose Oakar. During his terms as representative, Hoke was a strong supporter of term limits on representatives, advocated a balanced budget, and was a sponsor and co-sponsor of several bills. Some of the bills he sponsored and co-sponsored were the Fan Freedom and Protection Act which came about in response to the departure of the Cleveland Browns football team, as well as the Balanced Budget Act and Contingent Fee Amendment. He favored more prisons, law enforcement, and effective death penalty provisions in laws, in line with the "Contract with America" agenda that he along with many other Republican representatives signed on to in 1994. He was defeated by Dennis Kucinich in his 1996 re-election campaign.