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Descriptive Summary
Biography of Louis Van Oeyen
Scope and Content
Statement of Arrangement
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Detailed Description of The Collection
Series I: Period Prints 1896-1945 undated
Series II: Portraits 1895-1945 undated
Series III: Events and Views 1895-1945 undated
Sub-series A: Banquets and Balls 1930 undated
Sub-series B: Bridges undated
Sub-series C: Buildings 1902 undated
Sub-series D: Businesses 1932 undated
Sub-series E: Celebrations 1930-1937 undated
Sub-series F: Churches and Synagogues undated
Sub-series G: Clubs 1927-1937
Sub-series H: Colleges and Universities 1932
Sub-series I: Conventions 1924-1935
Sub-series J: Court Proceedings 1925
Sub-series K: Disasters (Accidents, Airplanes) 1931
Sub-series L: Disasters (Accidents, Automobiles) 1904
Sub-series M: Disasters (Accidents, Buses) 1929-1930
Sub-series N: Disasters (Accidents, Railroads) 1900s-1930 undated
Sub-series O: Disasters (Accidents, Ships) 1913
Sub-series P: Disasters (Fires) 1901-1944 undated
Sub-series Q: Disasters (Natural Disasters) 1911
Sub-series R: Fairs and Expositions 1901-1932
Sub-series S: Hospitals 1930
Sub-series T: Hotels and Inns 1896-1937
Sub-series U: Industry 1929-ca. 1940s
Sub-series V: Lakefront and Harbor early 1900s-1932
Sub-series W: Monuments 1907-1937 undated
Sub-series X: Music and Musicians 1930-1932
Sub-series Y: Parades 1901-1931 undated
Sub-series Z: Parks 1930
Sub-series AA: Police Department 1932
Sub-series BB: Public Square 1904-1907
Sub-series CC: Recreation ca. 1900-1932 undated
Sub-series DD: Residences 1932-1937 undated
Sub-series EE: Riots and Strikes 1908-1928
Sub-series FF: Schools (Elementary) 1941
Sub-series GG: Schools (Secondary) ca. 1940s
Sub-series HH: Schools (Special) ca. 1940s
Sub-series II: Social Services 1930
Sub-series JJ: Sports (Air Races) 1910-1932
Sub-series KK: Sports (Automobile Races) 1900s-1925 undated
Sub-series LL: Sports (Baseball Games) 1913-1945 undated
Sub-series MM: Sports (Baseball Portraits) 1903-1944 undated
Sub-series NN: Sports (Baseball Teams) 1903-1939 undated
Sub-series OO: Sports (Basketball) 1929-1935
Sub-series PP: Sports (Bicycle Races) 1932 undated
Sub-series QQ: Sports (Billiards) 1931
Sub-series RR: Sports (Boating) 1901-1935
Sub-series SS: Sports (Boxing) 1931-1935 undated
Sub-series TT: Sports (Cheerleading) 1926
Sub-series UU: Sports (Dog Racing) 1935
Sub-series VV: Sports (Football) 1923-1943
Sub-series WW: Sports (Golf) 1929-1935 undated
Sub-series XX: Sports (Hockey) 1929-1936
Sub-series YY: Sports (Horse Racing) 1902-1910 undated
Sub-series ZZ: Sports (Polo) 1928-1935
Sub-series AAA: Sports (Soccer) 1935-1936
Sub-series BBB: Sports (Tennis) 1931
Sub-series CCC: Sports (Track and Field) undated
Sub-series DDD: Streets 1906-ca. 1930s undated
Sub-series EEE: Theaters 1932-1933
Sub-series FFF: Transportation (Airplanes) 1927 undated
Sub-series GGG: Transportation (Automobiles) 1903 undated
Sub-series GGG: Transportation (Balloons) 1927-1933
Sub-series HHH: Transportation (Ferry Boats) 1902
Sub-series III: Transportation (Railroads) 1933 undated
Sub-series JJJ: Transportation (Ships) 1895-1933 undated
Sub-series KKK: Views (General) 1923 undated
Sub-series LLL: Views (Canada/General) undated
Sub-series MMM: Views (Canada/Saguenay) undated
Sub-series NNN: Views (Canada/Quebec /1930s) 1930s
Sub-series OOO: Views (Canada/Niagara Falls) undated
Sub-series PPP: Views (Canada/Quebec/Undated) undated
Sub-series QQQ: Views (District of Columbia) 1902
Sub-series RRR: Views (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) undated